Asia Tour

Many times there is strange, awkward, or jealous judgements between colleagues of all levels. My students are always informed that someone in the room will probably audition for someone else in the room in this lifetime. It is extremely important to be professional to your peers and always have genuine contact. There is nothing worse than the person next to you putting up an imaginary wall between you or anyone else. Oh yes, this is about the Asia tour. It was an honor to go on tour the first time with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. I was nervous, like always, especially in a new band with mostly people I had never heard of, but thought sounded amazing. During one sushi lunch break, Japan was brought up and I couldn’t really relate with the others because Japan was only an imaginary place formed from the people who have entered my life plus pictures and films. Only a short time after being, me, and saying that I was in China, but never in Japan, the „Deutsche Kammer Philharmonie“ or German Chamber Orchestra, one of todays top chamber orchestras, offered the invitation to be part of its upcoming Asia tour. You never know what personal contact and honesty might bring. Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of internet communication have their advantages, but a direct human connection is irreplaceable.