Daily life in the big city can be overwhelming at times, especially when dark, short winter days cause folks to be a little crazy. Luckily, the teaching job in Rostock allows for nice drives though a beautiful countryside full of lakes and up to the Baltic See. The day of my audition for the teaching job will never be forgotten. The seagulls were singing so loud, but in different rhythms and pitches than the ones I know from the Florida Gulf coast. Nevertheless, it was clear that the coast is near and this newly discovered territory is one that must be part of life’s balance.
The world-class photographer, Anna Klemm, was insisting on knowing me well before even discussing a location for the pictures. Well, after some nice visits, she decided that we would shoot on the Baltic sea. It was perfect! I got to wear the clothes that I perform in, plus had my bear feet in the sand. The light salty wind and sound of waves rolling in could not have been a better location.
We took pictures on a „FKK“ Beach. That stands for „Freik√∂rperkulture“ in German. In other words, it was a nude beach. Everything felt free and natural except that I had clothes on. Nobody was around until someone came and complained about me wearing clothes!